We can understand the Silence and the Noise; there is so much in the mind that one can’t really understand. The entire world is in this situation, and no one yet knows How, Where, What, and Who. A dark moment in the world, but light will finally dawn, and we will come out of this looking more beautiful because we have been disciplined by it and have learned a lot from it. Indeed, a time to rethink and be creative. Envisaging a new revolution of our health systems. Stay safe. HEALTH MILITIA……Defying Barriers.

By augustinebow

Development Consultant
Social Activist

2 replies on “Covid19”

We really need to do more to protect the citizenry by improving our health infrastructure.
Besides, we need to show more concern by investing heavily in health care delivery services and systems which offer protection to the needy/ vulnerable.
It’s a shame to see children,women and other vulnerable individuals die slowly of neglect by the health care delivery system.
The system should be very sensitive by providing adequate health care to everyone irrespective of one’s status in society.

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